Luna Antigua & Inspiraguate!

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. " - Jane Goodall

As woman entrepreneurs and mothers, we are cognizant and deeply value the opportunity that has been rendered to us through Luna Antigua. From day one of dreaming and planning for our shop, we knew that giving back would be a key component. We thought of different ways to accomplish this goal but we knew in our hearts that we wanted something more than to just write a check out with hopes that it would be put to good use. Our vision for Luna Antigua was, and remains, to be engaged in the process of bettering the quality of life for our artisans and their communities. But where could we start?

We remember meeting our now dear friend Sarah, a self-proclaimed honorary Guatemalan at one of our pop-ups and her telling us about how she met her husband and the years she and her family spent living in his country of Guatemala. We still get chills just thinking about the chain of events that followed next! Through conversation, we opened up to Sarah and mentioned that we had been praying for the right organization to collaborate with as a way to give back to the people who are a great part of Luna Antigua. She quickly connected us to the founder of Inspiraguate, who happened to also be a Fort Worth native! To say that we were floored by the impact and work that this organization is accomplishing is an understatement! Within a week, a full additional itinerary had been added to our scheduled trip for us to visit one of the communities currently under their wing. 

What made us fall in Love with Inspiraguate?

Currently, 51% of Guatemalan children suffer from malnutrition, affecting their physical and neurological growth, thus directly impacting their potential for future livelihood. To counteract this, Inspiraguate provides vitamins and access to clean water via water filters. Crucially, Inspiraguate implements sustainable systems designed to empower the communities for years to come. 

It was incredible to visit Villa Canales, one of the towns that Inspiraguate is currently working with, and to be welcomed into their homes and local school. Although, we were strangers to them we were embraced so warmly (literally with hugs!) and felt the trust and appreciation for the work Inspiraguate is doing. 

We are fortunate to have connected with this wonderful organization. This week 10% of our sales will directly help impact a school in Jutiapa, Guatemala. To name a few, Luna Antigua Lovers in California, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Massachusetts have already given to this great cause through their purchases! 

Mil Gracias,

Sandra + Pamela